Titan Velocity Boxing Gloves Review

Titan Velocity Boxing Gloves (16oz) Review


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Titan Boxing are a new UK brand who have released a range of classy, high quality equipment. The brand’s goal is to produce equipment to the highest standard without cutting any corners on materials or rushing processes, in order to ensure that everything they deliver is capable of being tested through the hardest of session and to be ready for the next one.

About the gloves

The Velocity gloves are Titan’s first pair of boxing gloves, designed as a pair for all-round training. The gloves are available in sizes 12oz, 14oz and 16oz, and available in two colour options, midnight black or polar white.

Titan sent over a pair of these gloves for us to test out and provide our opinion on.

Titan Velocity Boxing Gloves Review


Despite being a newer brand, Titan have absolutely nailed the visuals on these gloves. Both gloves are made with various black, white and gold panels (with either black or white as the base colour, depending on which version you choose). The gold is used as a highlight on the split thumb, as well as on the strip of leather which holds the thumb to the palm of the hand, and then also features as part of the logos.

The split palm helps give the gloves a classy feel, similar to Grant gloves, although I feel like Titan’s logo does a far better job at fitting in with the premium styling. The logo itself seems really well printed on, with sharp, crisp lines.

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On the outside, the leather is great. It’s a pretty thick cut of leather, sturdy enough that I can see it lasting a while, but also fairly smooth to the touch. The leather is pulled across the body of the glove tightly, leaving no unintentional creases on the back of the hand or around the thumb, even after a fair amount of use. The folds at the sides of the fingers where the glove curves are also really nicely done, and look really neat.

There’s what looks like a very slight lump or bulge under the leather around the fingers on one of the gloves, but it’s not easy to see and not something I’m particularly worried about. Apart from that, I can’t see any issues with any of the materials.


I’d almost describe the way these gloves fit as being like lace-up gloves, but with a velcro strap instead. I know that sounds like a bit of a contradiction, but the way the cuff is on the longer side and has large bars of soft padding down the inner wrist is just like you’d find on a pair of lace-up gloves. If you’re used to wearing lace-ups and don’t like the fit of velcro gloves as much, then these might be for you.

Other than that, these gloves are fairly well built, with all sections stitched together well. If you look at the palm of the hand you can see some sections are stitched really well, and reinforced. You can also see that the strip of leather between the thumb and palm is nice and thick. These are good signs that the gloves are constructed with durability in mind, and should hold together well.

Titan Velocity Boxing Gloves Review


When trying these gloves on, I found they have a nice, fitted feel to them; not feeling too loose or too tight. The padding has a slight firmness to it, but isn’t too hard, and has a slightly softer inner padding for comfort. I tend to think this sort of density is much better for pads and bag work, because you can smash punches with a nice, hard contact. That said, the gloves are nice and fitted, so the shape has lent itself quite nicely to finding gaps in sparring.

The padding isn’t thin by any means, but somehow manages to feel pretty streamlined and fitted, probably closer to the Cleto Reyes gloves than other gloves I’ve tested. I have noticed that firmness of the padding does make it a little hard to open the fingers with these gloves though. That’s the sort of thing which obviously eases up over time, but if you prefer a more open-hand style of boxing, working with lots of parrying, then that’s something to bear in mind.

Once you’ve secured the velcro strap, there’s loads of support in the wrist. The full velcro wrap adds plenty of stability, and the soft wrist padding which sits between the glove and your inner forearm means that when you pull the strap tight it holds itself firmly in place. If you have wrist issues (which I’ve been experiencing a little bit myself lately), then these are a far better choice than your regular boxing gloves. The velcro itself also holds extremely well. The problem is, between the position of the velcro and the sheer strength of it, I actually find it pretty hard to take the gloves off. I’ve realised it’s mainly because I can’t get a good grip on the end of the velcro, so a few times I’ve had to resort to using my teeth to get hold of the end of the strap, which isn’t something you really want to be doing. I feel like if Titan stopped the velcro just a tiny bit before the end of the strap then it might make it a little bit easier to get a hold of.

While the gloves are great for training in, I have to admit I would be really interested to see Titan design a lace-up gloves in future.


These gloves retail at £69.99, which I think is a really good price for what you get. Typically when we see boxing gloves of this level we’re looking at somewhere around the £100 mark, and there are very few brands coming in lower. Even the AMMO Boxing Gloves we’ve previously reviewed – also another new UK brand – are usually around £90.

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+ Slim, well shaped design
+ Classy design and graphics
+ Good wrist support and padding

– Wrap-around strap sometimes difficult to undo


Titan Velocity Boxing Gloves Review

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