AMMO Wear Boxing Gloves (16oz) Review

AMMO Wear Boxing Gloves (16oz) Review



AMMO Boxing are relatively new to the scene, but are already being used by a range of Pro Boxers. The UK based brand sell a small range of high quality equipment, as well as handling custom orders on request.

About the gloves

Here at Fight Quality, we’ve found that sometimes it’s the upcoming, lesser known brands which pack in much more value for money, which is one of the reasons I’ve had my eye on AMMO for a while. When they released their gloves in white with gold trim, I decided it was time to pull the trigger and order a pair. Upon getting in touch with AMMO they’ll happily let you know what’s in stock, but when we asked they had the Velcro gloves available as 12oz, 14oz and 16oz, and the lace-ups available as 14oz and 16oz. I ended up grabbing a pair of 16s.

Weight and distribution

These gloves are designed to be padded and protective, so there’s a lot of padding situated around the hand, knuckles and fingers. There’s also a fair bit of padding on the back of the wrist, with a small amount on the inside of the wrist, although this is more for comfort and stability when the gloves are laced up.

AMMO Wear Boxing Gloves (16oz) Review


One of the reasons I went for these gloves was the visuals. The shape of the AMMO gloves definitely looks in line with other high-end gloves, although the solid white with gold trim is something you don’t see too often outside of custom gloves. The colours remind me a little of the Recoil Boxing (now unfortunately out of business) original Cobra gloves, but on the AMMO gloves it feels much more subtle.

If white and gold isn’t your thing then there are a load of other colours to choose from, including, black with gold, solid black, grey with white trim, solid blue, white with blue. They’re also able to accomodate any custom orders you want – you can see a few great examples if you check out the images on their Twitter page. In terms of details, the gloves don’t go too overboard, with an ‘A’ patch on the wrist, and the AMMO logo on the back of the hand and near the end of the fingers.

Below you can find our Fight Gear Focus video giving you a close-up, visual look at these Gloves. Make sure you check out the rest of the video series and Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of our future videos.


The material on these gloves is a really high quality leather. There’s a very slight leathery smell to them, which is always great when you open a new pair of gloves. The leather has a slight softness to it, but at the same time has a great smooth texture, almost feeling like a mid-point between the Bad Boy Legacy 2.0 Boxing Gloves which we noted had an amazingly soft feeling leather and the Cleto Reyes Hybrid Training Gloves, which are by far the highest quality leather we’ve seen so far. On the inside, the gloves are lined with a soft satin lining which provides a super comfortable hand compartment. After a little while of training they can start to soak up the sweat however.


The build of these gloves is clearly heavily inspired by the Japanese style of glove popularised by Winning, however there are a few improvements to the design, for example the breathable perforations on the hand and thumb. The stitching on these gloves all looks great and all of the lines are nice and straight. I can’t really fault the build quality – even the leather that bunches round the edges of the fingers has been evenly spread before being stitched into place.

AMMO Wear Boxing Gloves (16oz) Review


While these gloves are a little bulky, once laced up you can get a pretty close fit, and the soft inner layer of padding means that your hand sits firmly and comfortably in place. The naturally open hand makes these gloves great for anyone who – like myself – enjoys using a lot of parrying, or even for catching kicks and clinching if you’re kickboxing. Unfortunately, on one hand, the logo on the finger seems to be coming off very slightly where I’ve been parrying with these. Personally I don’t mind, as I find a little bit of wear-and-tear gives gloves a bit more personality, but there are a lot of people who would get annoyed by it.

The first thing I noticed with these gloves is that the padding is pretty soft. When making contact, the padding does a great job at absorbing a fair amount of the impact and reduces a lot of the stress on the hand. I’ve personally found this soft padding makes the gloves really nice to use when sparring. Even on pads and bags, the gloves just seem really comfortable when striking. While the gloves are designed mainly for boxing, I’ve also been using these for Muay Thai training, and the padding on the back of the wrist is enough to provide some protection when blocking kicks.


By far the best feature of these gloves is the pricetag. These gloves are easily up there with other top level gloves we’ve used, although the regular price for this pair was only £90, almost half of the price of Cleto Reyes, and far less than similar soft gloves from brands such as Winning.


+ Soft, protective padding
+ Comfortable fit
+ Great visuals

– Can get sweaty during a long session
– Graphics on fingers starting to rub off


AMMO Wear Boxing Gloves (16oz) Review

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