VELO Hand Wraps Review

VELO Hand Wraps Review


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VELO Sports are a UK based brand that was founded in 1999. They produce a variety of striking kit, including gloves, shin guards and striking pads. Their companies mission statement says that their goal is to provide quality, comfort, design and durability in their products, and develop a global brand that is recognised for its products and customer service.


We’ve found these handwraps in a wide range of colours, including black, red, white, blue, pink, green, yellow and orange – but at the time of writing we can’t see any of these on the VELO Boxing website. VELO sent us a pair of the orange wraps for us to try out and give our opinion on.

Like most handwraps the only decoration VELO have added is a stitched on rectangular patch with their logo decorating it.

VELO Hand Wraps Review

Materials and Craftsmanship

VELO have used some form of cotton material to make their wraps, again pretty common for handwraps. This means that they have some natural stretch to them, helping you to get a tighter fit when you use them. The wraps are four and a half metres long, giving a good amount of material to wrap with.

The velcro of the wraps is fitted under the strap rather than as a tab on the end and it’s a wide band, covering the width of the wrap. VELO have also chosen to angle the ends of the wraps, which makes it slightly easier to pull the velcro apart when you’re taking the wraps off.

The one issue we’ve found with these handwraps if durability. We’ve been using them for a couple of weeks, they’ve been washed a few times, and there’s already a small hole in the middle of one. It’s worth bearing in mind that these might not be the most durable wraps on the market.


The length and material used by VELO means these are comfortable wraps. They aren’t too thick, which means they don’t take up too much space in your gloves, but still provide good protection.

Overall we’d rate them as a good set of wraps, but the big draw back in the potentially limited durability of them, shown by the hole that has appeared after a couple of weeks of use.

VELO Hand Wraps Review


Available for £4.99 they’re a pretty cheap option, meaning they’re probably best suited to a beginner who wants cheap kit that’ll let them figure out if they want to carry on training striking before committing to any expensive kit; similar to the VELO Boxing Gloves that we previously reviewed.

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+ Wide range of colour
+ Good length
+ Not too bulky

– Durability is questionable


VELO Hand Wraps Review

This graphic is to illustrate the areas this product excels in, and is not intended for direct comparison to other reviews.

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