Top King Hand Wraps Review


Top King Boxing has grown to be the one of the top brands of Muay Thai equipment. They’re a Thailand based company, but have found recognition globally. Typically thier products tend to be more protective than thier competition’s.

Note: Since we originally wrote this review, Top King have made some minor updates to the printed logos. As a result, some details may not be fully accurate, although the review is still representative of the current product.


These wraps come in a variety of colours; black, white, blue, red, pink, and also a Thai flag variation. As an addition to my collection, I picked these up in white. When new, they are a bright white, and look absolutely brilliant, but as can be expected with most white hand wraps, they are difficult to keep clean. I found for example that after holding some red Thai pads while still wearing them, that the wraps had been stained pink in places. Luckily this washed out with little problem. The Top King logo on the black patch is also very striking here, and looks especially good on the white variant.



These wraps are 4 meters long, made out of cotton, with a slight stretch to them. The material is lovely to wear and feels comfortable. The Velcro is also fairly durable with these wraps. I’ve had problems in the past with velcro wearing down quickly, however these seem to be standing the test of time.


As mentioned previously these hand wraps are really great to wear, with the softness of the material feeling nice and comfortable in between the fingers and around the joints, and very little slipping around the wrist. Saying that however, due to the slight stretch in the material, they’re easy to put on too tight, which can become quite annoying. The material also seems to be slightly thick, which means they easily occupy the same space as slightly longer 5 meter wraps, giving the same feeling of protection and coverage, despite the slightly shorter length.

The only other issue I have had was with some weakness of the materials used. While it is soft, it also comes apart easily, as can be seen in the photo below. I found that things like accidental pulls or catching them on velcro affected the fabric quite badly. This isn’t ideal for any hand wraps, but seemed to have an even worse effect on the Top Kings. Luckily this has no effect on the comfort, just the visuals.



These seem to Range from about £10 to £20 online, which is quite a lot compared to most brands, but in my opinion the comfort makes up for this if you can spare the extra money. I wouldn’t go so far to say these are good value, but if you look after these and try to avoid letting the fabric get caught up too much, these are certainly a really nice pair of handwraps.

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We like

  • Comfortable
  • Slight stretch to them

We don’t like

  • Could do with being longer
  • Fabric ruins easily

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