Interview – Lloyd “Chopper” Manning

Interview - Lloyd "Chopper" Manning

Lloyd Manning is a professional Mixed Martial Artist who has recently fought for Cage Warriors MMA.

We spoke to Lloyd to find out a little bit about his favourite gear and training advice.

Hi Lloyd, before we get started, do you want to give us a quick summary about yourself?

I’m 27 years old and I’ve been in sport all my life. I started judo at 4 years old under my father and since I have represented my country internationally in 3 separate sports (Judo, Sambo, MMA).

So to start off with, what would you say stands out most as your favourite piece of fight gear?

I generally dont mind what gear I have but my most valued piece is my Hayabusa boxing gloves.

How long have you been using those, or other products from the same brand?

I’ve been using them for about 2 years and I also have some of their shorts.

What was the reason behind you getting those particular ones in the first place?

Basically I liked the colour. They are an old boxing style brown.

What would you say are the stand-out features of them and what makes them better than other brands?

The stand out is the unorthodox colour but they’re also very comfortable and supportive.

Lloyd Manning - Wearing the Fight Quality Boxing T-Shirt

With your fight gear, do you tend to stick to a few select brands, or do you like to mix it up with a nice variety?

Like I said I wouldn’t pick just one brand, I’d wear anything once if its comfortable.

Is there any other gear you just love to use when training?

I do love to use my wrestling boots. I don’t grapple without them.

How much of your training is dedicated to martial arts/technique training and how much is dedicated to other aspects such as cardio, strength and conditioning?

Everyday I work on new skills. It varies from striking, judo and bjj. My morning sessions would be either strength or cardio then.

What are your thoughts on sparring – Should you go in hard and heavy, or keep it light and technical?

Theres a time and a place for both. Some believe light sparring will get you by, but to get to the top I believe you need to spar hard at times to.

Lloyd Manning - Wearing the Fight Quality Gold T-Shirt
Lloyd Manning – Wearing the Fight Quality Gold T-Shirt

What pushes you to do your best during training?

I love training and always have but my main drive is to be a world champion.

And finally what’s your best training tip for aspiring fighters out there?

Listen to your coach, train hard and keep faith.

Thanks for your time, Lloyd!

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