Tuff Fightwear Adult Lightweight BJJ Gi Review

Tuff Fightwear Adult Lightweight BJJ Gi Review


We found this gi to be great value for money. They’re well put together, but lack some of the extra reinforcement that you’d see in a heavier gi.


Tuff Fightwear were founded in 2006 with the aim of bringing top quality products to the BJJ and MMA worlds. A UK based company they joined the market with the goal of offering one of the first lightweight gi’s priced below £50 that maintained the quality of their more expensive counterparts.

About the gi

The adult lightweight gi is one of two gi’s offered by Tuff Fightwear, comes in white, blue or black and is available in A5 to A1 sizes.

Tuff Fightwear Adult Lightweight BJJ Gi Review


We feel that the best description of Tuff’s lightweight gi is simplistic. The main features that jump out are the two big, rectangular Tuff logos stitched on the right leg and left side of the chest.  There’s a smaller version of the same logo on the bottom of the lapel, and two more basic logos embroidered on the tops of the arms. There aren’t any fancy designs or styling, no themes or patterns. The design comes off as spartan and utilitarian – it’s a gi you wear for performance, not for fashion. 


Tuff have used a 100% cotton blend to make the gi, with a special super light weave. We’ve heard of people avoiding lightweight, cheap gi’s due to durability issues but the one we’ve had has been around for a while and, other that picking up some of the colour from cheap matts, its standing up well to the punishment. They’re well put together, with reinforced stitching to hold them together in the higher stress areas, but lack some of the extra material reinforcement that you’d see in a heavier gi. Overall both the materials and the craftsmanship of the Tuff Lightweight gi are both great, and we’d say they’ve met their goal of creating a gi that is far better quality than the price tag would suggest.

Tuff Fightwear Adult Lightweight BJJ Gi Review


The lightweight construction of the gi means it feels great to train in, particularly through summer. The whole gi weights just 1.6kg, and allows you to move freely without feeling weighed down. It’s also quite a comfortable gi to wear once it has been through the wash a couple of times – its comes pre-shrunk, and we didn’t notice any shrinking when it was washed.

The big consideration we’d say to bear in mind, and the main drawback of the gi, is that because of the lightweight design there’s little extra protection anywhere, so if you notice your knees get banged up when you’re training you might want to look at a heavier, more protective gi instead.


We’ve mentioned it already, but the price for the Tuff lightweight gi is pretty surprising, coming in at £49.99. To us, this makes the gi great value for money, 

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We like

+ Great value for money

+ Lightweight design

+ Well made

We don’t like

– Limited protection in places like the knees

Tuff Fightwear Adult Lightweight BJJ Gi Review

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