Revgear Spartan II Pro MMA Shorts Review

Revgear Spartan II Pro MMA Shorts Review




Founded in 1996 by Paul Reavlin, Revgear strives to be an industry leader offering innovative equipment for hard working fighters. Paul was training for his black belt when he grew frustrated with the false claims of quality from the brands available at the time and so decided to launch his own brand. Tested and developed by martial artists, Revgear aim to provide equipment that’s going to keep up with any punishment you can throw at it during a training session.

About the shorts

I managed to get my hands on a pair of the Revgear Spartan II Pro MMA Shorts to test out. The normal set of sizes are on offer, small through to extra large, and available in a range of colours including blue, black, white and red.

Revgear Spartan II Pro MMA Shorts Review


The shorts style differs between the black and white and the blue and red options. The pair I tested were the blue, and I love the way these shorts look. The main body of the shorts are a black and grey pattern featuring tyre prints and the Revgear logo and name. Down the side of the shorts is a wide panel, the colour of your choice, running the length of the leg and with ‘Revgear’ printed down it and ending in a 5 inch leg slit. The difference in the styles is that on the white and black shorts the main body of the shorts are the chosen colour and the side panels are the black and grey pattern, whereas and on the blue and red pairs the side panel is the chosen colour and the black and grey pattern makes up the rest of the shorts. A black (or white in the case of the white shorts) waistband tops the shorts, and is finished off with the Revgear ‘R’ logo at the centre on the Velcro fastening. Either way both styles of shorts look look great, offering a smooth aesthetic with just a hint of controlled chaos in the black and grey pattern.

Materials and Craftsmanship

For the most part the shorts are made up of what Revgear describe as ‘High Performance 2 Way Stretch Fabric’. What this translates to is the main body of the shorts having a small amount of give in them, but the side panels of the leg being very flexible. The waistband of the shorts is fastened with a double sided Velcro tab and a drawstring. The craftsmanship of these shirts is frankly top notch – every joint is double stitched, especially on the leg slit where the stress points are reinforced.

Revgear Spartan II Pro MMA Shorts Review


I’m going to open this section by saying that I normally prefer a pair of Thai style shorts, I’m predominantly a Muay Thai nerd and normally prefer the traditional style. My first thought when I saw these shorts was that the fact they were knee length was going to limit my range of movement with kicks, and I was massively surprised. The combination of the flexible side panels and the 5 inch leg strap means that while I’m aware the shorts are longer than I’m used to I can still deliver a high kick as easily as in Thai shorts, and they hug the legs tightly enough to be suitable for grappling and floor work. I’ve also been really pleased with the Velcro fastening – the double sided tab and drawstring really provide a great fit that stays tight throughout even the toughest of training sessions.


Available on the Revgear Europe website for £45, these aren’t the cheapest of shorts, however if you’re a putting in some serious MMA training and want a reliable, well made set of shorts then they could be well worth the investment.

Looking to buy these?




+ Great flexibility
+ Brilliant fit
+ Very well made

– Fairly expensive
– Limited colour options


Revgear Spartan II Pro MMA Shorts Review

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