ASOS 4505 Running Tights Review

ASOS 4505 Running Tights Review

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ASOS is a huge name when it comes to fashion, known for a huge variety of affordable clothing delivered direct to your door. They’ve more recently moved into the athletic clothing market with their brand ‘4505’, offering a full range of gym wear for both men and women.

About the Items

The 4505 Tights are designed to be worn as a base layer, or your only layer, while you’re running or hitting the gym. They’re tight fitting and super light, allowing freedom of movement and full range of motion whilst providing some of the benefits of compression clothing.

ASOS 4505 Running Tights Review


Like all running tights asos have stuck with some basic styles, typically just a solid colour with 4505 printed on the right thigh, The aesthetics aren’t anything special (there is one version with coloured panels down the side, and a few other prints), but they’re designed to be worn predominantly as a baselayer, so aesthetics aren’t the highest priority.


Made from a polyester and elastane blend (92%/8% respectively) to ensure you get that really tight fit, and the benefits that come with compression. The craftsmanship is also fairly standard; ASOS mass produce their products, so don’t expect any high end handmade products, but that’s not to say they aren’t well made products.

ASOS 4505 Running Tights Review


These running tights fit really well, and it does feel like they offer a good level of support for your legs during training. I’ve been wearing them when I’ve been running, lifting weights and doing striking training, and they’ve been comfortable in all areas. The only drawback I can find is that they can tend to slide down during a session, which isn’t ideal – they’d definitely benefit from the Adairto style system with the silicone grip panels to keep them in place during training.


This is one of the best things about the 4505 tights; they’re available on the ASOS website for only £16, meaning they’re affordable for pretty much anyone.

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+ Affordable
+ Comfortable
+ Supportive

– Can slip down during training

ASOS 4505 Running Tights Review

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