Fairtex are a popular manufacturer of fight equipment, dominantly focused on Muay Thai. The company is based in Thailand and is widely popular, both there and internationally. Originally founded in the 1970s, Fairtex have a long history of producing top quality, handmade equipment, endorsed by many gyms across the world.

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Boxing Gloves

Fairtex BGL3 Pro Lace-up Sparring Gloves Review

Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Gloves Review


Shin Guards

Fairtex SP5 Shinguards Review



Fairtex Ankle Supports Review

Fairtex Hand Wraps Review



Fairtex Laced Sides Muaythai Shorts Review



HB6 Fairtex 6ft Muay Thai Banana Bag Review

Fairtex HB15 Super Teardrop Bag Review

Fairtex HB12 Angle Heavy Bag Review

Fairtex KPLC2 Curved Thai Kick Pads Review


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