New Fight Gear – March 2018

New Fight Gear - March 2018

Worried you’ll miss when your favourite fight brand releases an amazing new line of gear? We bring you a monthly round-up of the latest fight gear ranges released by all of your favourite brands, so you can see all the best new fight gear all in one place.

Whether it’s for Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai or other combat sports, make sure you keep up to date with the latest gear and equipment each month. Check out the other New Fight Gear round-ups here.

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When a brand releases a pair of limited edition boxing gloves, it’s usually a new colour option, or a unique leather, but the new Capsule Collection from Everlast aims to take it a step further. The collection will consist of unique collaborations released periodically throughout the year. The first Capsule release is in collaboration with Brooklyn based artist Gian Galang, with only 150 pairs up for grabs.

Even if you aren’t looking to buy these gloves, the website is worth a look at.

New Fight Gear - March 2018
Everlast Capsule Collection – Everlast X Gian Galang


Fight Quality

We’ve just released a bunch of new T-shirt designs, including 3 new breathable training shirts! Time for some new gym clothes? Head to now!

New Fight Gear - March 2018
Fight Quality 2018 Collection



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Hayabusa’s Kickboxing shorts have been around for a while now, but the brand have recently decided to release 3 new colours; Steel blue, purple and green. The new colours give you a few new ways to mix up your training kit.

New Fight Gear - March 2018
Hayabusa Kickboxing Shorts – New Colours


Title Boxing

The Pro-Mex gloves are one of the slightly more premium ranges Title produce, aiming to provide fighters with the level of quality achieved only in Mexico. The Pro-Mex 2.0 Boxing Gloves are the latest addition and look like a great new version of the Gloves.

New Fight Gear - March 2018
Title Pro-Mex 2.0 Boxing Gloves



See our reviews of other Sandee equipment.

As a last minute addition to this round-up, Sandee have just released two colourful new Thai Short designs; The ‘Inca’ range and the ‘Warrior’ range.

New Fight Gear - March 2018
Sandee Inca Muay Thai Shorts
New Fight Gear - March 2018
Sandee Warrior Muay Thai Shorts



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Venum like to have plenty of variety when it comes to visuals, which can be seen with their latest new releases. If you’re after equipment, they’ve released two new colour alternatives for their Elite range, but if you’re looking for training clothing, then the new Viking, Rooster and Grizzli ranges are worth a look at.

New Fight Gear - March 2018
Venum Elite – New colours
New Fight Gear - March 2018
Venum Viking Range
New Fight Gear - March 2018
Venum Grizzli Range
New Fight Gear - March 2018
Venum Rooster Rnge


Yokkao Boxing

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More brands are starting to design their non-leather gloves using a Microfiber leather, rather than a plastic-like vinyl PU. Typically Microfiber tends to feel closer to the real thing, so it’s exciting to see Yokkao Boxing’s Vertigo boxing gloves, which feel like a mid-point between their ‘Basic’ and ‘Matrix’ ranges, with visuals inspired by their Vintage range.

New Fight Gear - March 2018
Yokkao Vertigo Microfiber Muay Thai Gloves


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