New Fight Gear – January 2017

New Fight Gear – January 2017

Worried you’ll miss when your favourite fight brand releases an amazing new line of gear? We bring you a monthly round-up of the latest fight gear ranges released by all of your favourite brands, so you can see all the best new fight gear all in one place.

Whether it’s for Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing, Muay Thai or other combat sports, make sure you keep up to date with the latest gear and equipment each month.

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Check out the great new MMA shorts from Blitz, focusing on pracicality at a good price point. These look great for anybody looking for something a little more toned down.

New Fight Gear – January 2017
Blitz Falcon MMA Shorts


Cleto Reyes

In November’s New Fight Gear round-up we showed you the beautiful Cleto Reyes Vintage Brown Special Edition Boxing Gloves. This month, they’ve released a new heavy bag in a similar vintage brown tone.

New Fight Gear – January 2017
Cleto Reyes Vintage Brown Heavy Bag


Geezers Boxing

Geezers Boxing primarily sell gear from other brands, but did you know they also have their own line of equipment? Check out the new gloves they’ve just released!

New Fight Gear – January 2017
Geezers TRG Training Gloves


Punch Equipment

Australian brand Punch Equipment have a new set of gloves available this month, capturing the brilliant Mexican style fit favoured by many pro fighters. With a few colours to choose from, these could be a great glove to look in to,

New Fight Gear – January 2017
Punch Equipment Mexican Fuerto Boxing Gloves


Ringside UK

Ringside never fail to impress, and their new Alpha Series is no exception. As well as the new gloves below they’ve also released Head Guards and Groin guards which you can find here. That’s not all though, as they’ve also released new Gel wraps, for a quick alternative to hand wrapping.

New Fight Gear – January 2017
Ringside Alpha Series Super Pro Spar Equipment
New Fight Gear – January 2017
Ringside Super Pro Gel Hand Wraps


Triumph United

The new TBC Shin Guards from Triumph seem to be classic Thai shin guards developed with modern technologies. With carbon fiber mesh to improve protection, and a straightforward design, these look like they could be a solid pair of shin guards to invest in.

New Fight Gear – January 2017
Triumph United TBC Thai Style Shin Guards



Last year, Yokkao released new items almost every month without fail, and they show no signs of slowing. The main new release is their Carbonfit range, a series of shorts with a similar cut to their popular Carbon shorts, but with a few tweaks, notably the removal of the thick side panels, and some more visual designs. They’ve also released the new Cube Boxing gloves, which are no doubt pretty good if our recent YOKKAO Official Fight Team Boxing Glove review is anything to go by.

New Fight Gear – January 2017
YOKKAO Cube Boxing Gloves
New Fight Gear – January 2017
YOKKAO Carbonfit Shorts Range
New Fight Gear – January 2017
YOKKAO Electro MMA Shorts



Last but not least, make sure you see Venum’s new Gorilla line. Whether it’s MMA shorts, rash guards, or even just a T-shirt, this line has you covered.

New Fight Gear – January 2017
Venum Gorilla MMA Clothing Range


Any new products we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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