How To Tell What Size or Weight Boxing Gloves You Need

How To Tell What Size/Weight Boxing Gloves You Need

How do you know you’re using the right size or weight boxing glove? If you ask most brands they’ll usually tell you it all depends on either your weight or the size of your hands, but is that always the case? Should you use the same weight gloves for both fitness work like pads or a heavy bag, as you would use during sparring?

In reality there is no one definite way of measuring it, because it depends on the type of training you’re using them for. Many fighters actually own multiple pairs of boxing gloves for different activities. Most manufacturers only make gloves between 10oz and 16oz, however it’s also possible to get 8oz boxing gloves, as well as 18oz and above, however these larger sizes are often professionally custom made. We’ve created a handy chart to help you, so you can tell what glove you’ll need.

Please bear in mind that different glove brands all have different fits, so it’s always best to make sure you look into the fit of the glove before you buy. You can take a look at our collection of boxing glove reviews to help you choose what to go for.


*Please note this is not a definitive answer, but more of a guide. Different gyms or competitions will often have their own suggestions or rules.

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